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Samsung MV800 - Kompaktkamera mit Touch-Display im Test


Kompaktkameras gibt es wie Sand am Meer und dementsprechend groß ist die Auswahl, aber auch die Verwirrung. Gefühlt erscheint jede Woche ein neues Modell für eben jenen Bereich, in dem man überlegt sich ein neues Modell anzuschaffen. Umso schöner ist es einmal ein Modell mit einem, zumindest für Kameras heute noch, ungewöhnlichen Bedienkonzept in den Händen zu halten. (weiter)

USB 3.0: Break through in 2012! And what's next?!


"Does it support USB 3.0?" - A question which may become one of the most famous once in 2012, of course at least in the consumer electronic section. Even if the CeBIT isn't the big trend-setter show anymore, it is a good place to become informed about customers demand. As we have heard from many different companys the customers demand on USB 3.0 based products, being it a mobile device like a flash drive or a new PC motherboard, is currently high. It's very likely that "USB 2.0 only" devices will become shelf warmers in the third and last quarter 2012. (weiter)

The SSD/NAND isn't dead, even in 2024!


A few days ago a new study with the title: "The Bleak Future of NAND Flash Memory" by Grupp and co has appeared and was presented during the Usenix-Conference on File and Storage Technologies, in San Jose (California). We all know that each new study will only reflect the meaning of the guys how wrote and/or finance them. We'll give the NAND Flash industry the chance to state their thoughts and opinions on this topic. (weiter)

AMD zeigt neue Trinity APUs in Aktion


AMD hat es sich auf der aktuellen CeBIT nicht nehmen lassen auch seine neue Trinity APU vorzustellen, wenn auch vorerst nur der Presse. Bei den APUs handelt es sich um eine Kombination aus Hauptprozessor (CPU) mit integrierter Grafikeinheit (GPU). Wir hatten die Möglichkeit mit Saša Marinkovic, Head of Desktops and Fusion Software, Product Marketing bei AMD, zu sprechen und auch selbst Hand an zwei der augestellten Systeme gelegt. (weiter)

AMD Trinity APU available end of June and will use FM2 socket


Just 2 days ago we wrote that AMDs new Trinity APU will increase performace by about 30 percent on the graphics side and that the new Piledriver core, also used in the Trinity APU, will bring a 10 to 20 percent IPC improvement.

Now we received a bit of information that the desktop version has to be mounted on the new FM2 socket. Currently it seems like that you can't use a Trinity based APU on a FM1 motherboard. If it's going to work the other way around (Llano on FM2) isn't clear yet too.

AMD will combine the Trinity launch with the presentation of the new A85 chipset. But even if it sounds new, it will be just an "ultra minor" update. One source speaks about just one change compared to the A75.

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