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Nvidia: Tegra and Kepler (GK104) schedule


Talking to a person close to Nvidia, we have received some information regarding a Tegra update and some more stuff about the first mid-to-high class DIE GK104 from the upcoming Kepler line-up.

Tegra at MWC, Kepler won't be a "CeBIT chip"

A new/updated version of Tegra will be announced during the MWC 2012 in Barcelona, no idea whether it'll be available for evaluation and when we'll see them in "real world phones/tablets".

The more interesting part was about the GK104 release/announcement. We won't see any Kepler based device on CeBIT, Hannover this year, currently it looks like beginning of April. May it's cause of the rumored and recently confirmed yield problems (Jen-Hsun Huang: "The gross margin decline is contributed almost entirely to the yields of 28-nanometer being lower than expected.") by TSMC/Nvidia - However take this one with a grain of salt.