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DRAM pricing: We may reached the bottom so far


During the CeBIT we talked to several DRAM manufacturers as well as OEMs/ODMs about the current pricing and the next three to six month. The former producer OCZ is just happy to not been in the DRAM market any more, because since DDR3 the DRAM market became a "pay-for-your-own-products"-business by time.

The rest of the market is, not to say happy, relieved by the insolvence of Elpida because this means a little relaxation for anyone else in the business. Now the big challenge is to make sure that the entire market learn one's lesson. The market has to learn to regulate themself, this means especially the huge overproduction by time. Also tablet devices as a notebook replacement bacame a problem, due to less applied memory.Stack-DRAM von Kingston - Auch viele andere DRAM-Hersteller setzen auf den neuen Tablet- und Smartphone-Markt

On the other hand we'll see a lot of PCs, Note- and Ultrabooks with 8 GB of memory to be appear on the market in the near future. This will cause in a higher demand and in less warehouse stock for the manufacturers.

Anyway the DRAM price increase a little bit during the last weeks and this trend will go on, at least for the next weeks.